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Fraternity Terminology

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What exactly does all of this fraternity terminology mean?


When first encountering Greek organizations it can seem like they are speaking their own languages with all of the terminologies they throw around. Look below for some of the most common phrases used so that you may better understand the fraternity process at WPI.


Bid: A bid is an invitation to pledge a fraternity.


Pledge Father: One of the most important relationships a pledge has is a mentor.  This is a member of the chapter who will give the pledge support, provide encouragement and offer information to help the pledge during the pledge education process and collegiate pursuits.  The Fraternity formalizes this relationship through the Pledge Father/Pledge program.  A solid relationship between the pledge and his Big Brother is vital for the success of the important program.


Brother: An Initiated member of a fraternity. Being a Brother in Phi Gamma Delta means that you exemplify our 5 values, which are: Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality, and Excellence. It also means that you always hold yourself and your Brothers to a higher standard and always act in a manner befitting of a gentleman. Phi Gamma Delta is not for college days alone, but rather a lifetime commitment.


Chapter: A local branch of the Fraternity that is chartered and recognized by the International Fraternity.


FIJI: FIJI is a nickname for Phi Gamma Delta


Graduate Brother: In many places, these gentlemen are referred to as Alumni.  However, since Phi Gamma Delta is not for college days alone, but rather a lifetime commitment, we call these members graduate brothers.


IHQ: International Headquarters, Phi Gamma Delta’s headquarters are located in Lexington Kentucky. The address: 1201 Red Mile Road Lexington, Kentucky 40544-4599.


Immortal Six: This refers to the six founding members of Phi Gamma Delta, John Templeton McCarty, Ellis Bailey Gregg, James Elliot Jr., Samuel Beatty Wilson, Daniel Webster Crofts, and Naaman Fletcher.  The nickname is a bit as a misnomer seeing as many of the men did not live very long after founding the Fraternity but their memory lives on through every brother today.


Pledge: A man going through the process of pledging.


Pledge Educator: This man is the brother elected by the chapter to teach and instill the history and values of Phi Gamma Delta to the pledge class.  


Pledging: Pledging is a period of time after a man has accepted his bid, where both the potential new member and the chapter mutually evaluate one another.  The period lasts for 8 weeks and during that time the pledge is educated about the workings of the fraternity; learns the history, ideals, organization and operations of Phi Gamma Delta; develops an understanding of the importance of personal values and an awareness and appreciation of the values upon which the fraternity was founded; has time to become an integral part of the chapter before initiation; becomes aware of his obligations and responsibilities to the chapter and the greater fraternity; and becomes aware of the many personal development opportunities available through the chapter and campus activities. Guiding the pledge through this process will be his Pledge Father as well as the Pledge Educator.


Purple Legionnaire: An appointed graduate brother who oversees the Chapter. Our purple legionnaire is David Willens, a Ph.D candidate here at WPI. 


Pi Iota (πI): Our Chapter’s name, we are the Worcester Polytechnic Institute chapter of Phi Gamma Delta.

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