Worcester Polytechnic Insitute Awards (unfinished)
  • Fraternity Man of the Year:  2019 (Hunter Peterson)

  • Most Improved Chapter: 2018, 2017

  • Most Outstand Leadership Development: 2018

  • Outstanding Alumni Programming: 2017

National Fraternity Awards 
Undergraduate Awards 

Cheney Cup - The Cheney Cup is awarded to the undergraduate chapter which demonstrates the greatest all-around efficiency in scholarship, fraternity relationships, and general collegiate activities.

Awarded Years:  1921, 1972

Baker Cup - The Baker Cup is awarded to the undergraduate chapter which most effectively focuses attention upon religious, ethical, and social service activities in its daily conduct. 

Awarded Years:  1975, 1976

Condon Cup - The Condon Cup is awarded to the undergraduate chapter which has shown the greatest improvement over the past academic year in the areas of scholarship, extracurricular activities, and fraternity relationships.

Awarded Years:  1958

Brightman Trophy- Best demonstrates that "Phi Gamma Delta is not for college days alone" by maintaining and improving relations between the chapter and graduate brothers

Awarded Years:  2018 *Honorable Mention*

Owen Cup - Awarded to the undergraduate chapter which has shown the greatest improvement in scholarship over the preceding academic year.

Awarded Years:  2019 *Third Place*

Zerman Trophy - Awarded to the undergraduate chapter which excels in promoting the involvement of brothers in student government, the campus newspaper, and extracurricular activities.

Awarded Years:  2019 *Standout Performance*

Undergraduate Awards 
National Fraternity Awards 
Graduate Awards 

Durrance Award - The Durrance Award is presented to the graduate brother who is judged to be the most outstanding Purple Legionnaire (chapter advisor) in the Fraternity, "judged on the basis of personality, leadership, rapport with the chapter, and fraternity service."

Awarded Years:  1965 (Leland L. Atwood), 1976 (Walter E. Knapp), 1981 (Walter E. Knapp), 2017 (Dave Willens) *Distinguished Service*, 2019 (Dave Willens) *Distinguished Service*,

Haynes Award - The Haynes Award is presented to the most effective Section Chief in Ph Gamma Delta.

Awarded Years:  2019 (Timothy W. Kilduff) *Distinguished Service*

Distinguished Fiji Award - The Distinguished Fiji Award will be presented annually to no more than six graduate brothers who shall be deserving of recognition for their faithful and unselfish service to Phi Gamma Delta or their special contribution to mankind and society at large.

Awarded Years:  1965 (William Cullen MacDonald), 1968 (Francis C. Bragg), 1970 (Leland L. Atwood), 2009 (W. Todd Akin), 2016 (George R. Oliver)

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