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    FIJI does not only impact your son's life, but it can also impact yours too.  See what one FIJI parent has to say about his son joining our fraternity:



"When my son joined FIJI, I was a little hesitant, I just wasn't sure about fraternities and what they stood for. After seeing him maintain high grades and become more involved with extracurricular activities because of his FIJI membership my mind was changed about fraternities. I know there will always be a small group of fraternities that tarnish the image for the rest, but the brothers at the Pi Iota Chapter have their priorities straight." 


-Charles Mokotoff, Father of Brother Andrew Mokotoff



For more information other than everything listed on our chapter website and our national website please feel free to look at our Wikipedia article. It highlights many of our ideals and lists some of our most famous graduate brothers such as:



Calvin Coolidge – President of the United States, 1923-29
Norman Vincent Peale – World-Renowned Theologian
Phillip Knight – Founder, Owner, & President of Nike Corporation
William J. Crowe, Jr. – Former Chairman, United States Joint Chiefs of Staff

Also, by all means, if you would like to talk to some of our alumni or chapter officers, feel free to get in contact with your son so we can point you in the right direction and talk to someone through email, or even on the phone.  We will do our best to answer all and any questions that you have.


You also will want to know about the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation, which supports our undergraduate members through grants for alcohol education and leadership programming, as well as through scholarships. 


  • The Foundation's Academic Achievement Awards (AAA) provide a scholarship of $250 to each newly initiated member who achieves at least a 3.2 GPA during his pledging term.

  • Unique among all fraternities.


  • Our chapter's pledge program emphasizes a sound academic grounding and the development of friendships among all pledges and initiated members.


  • There is NO place for hazing in Phi Gamma Delta


We know that many parents and prospective members have questions about the pledging experience. That experience in Phi Gamma Delta is positive and productive. If you ever have any concern about your son’s pledging experience, you are urged to contact us here. Thank you for taking the time to inform yourself about Phi Gamma Delta.

Q: Is there any hazing in Phi Gamma Delta?


A: ABSOLUTELY NOT. The International Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta’s Headquarters and The Worcester Polytechnic Institute has a strict zero-tolerance policy towards hazing which we adhere closely to.


Q: What are the required academic standings to be a member of Phi Gamma Delta?

A: To pledge Phi Gamma Delta, you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, our chapter encourages men coming to have over a 3.2/4.0 GPA and notable extracurricular involvement.


Q: Does Phi Gamma Delta offer any scholarships to members?

A: Any man who receives a GPA of 3.2 or higher during his pledge period will automatically receive a scholarship of $250.


Q: What sets your chapter apart from others on campus?

A: We take pride in building our chapter the right way, with the right people. We strive to build successful men of character whom the chapter can take pride in calling brothers. To that end, we recruit those in whom we see a potential for leadership and success- in academics, extracurriculars, and the Fraternity itself. If you want to join a group of men who prioritize brotherhood and succeeding as a group, then Phi Gamma Delta could be a great fit for you!


Q: How much of my time does pledging take up?


A: Some say that pledging is like taking a 3-credit course at WPI. While it will take a good chunk of your time, the benefits that come with joining FIJI greatly outweigh the costs. Do not worry about school, as we place scholarship as our top priority and ensuring success in school is a vital part of our new member education program.


Q: My mom/dad/grandparent/significant other doesn't want me to join a fraternity because they say it's all about partying. Is that true?


A: No. Joining a fraternity means making the most out of your college experience and becoming the most well-rounded person you can be. By joining a fraternity, you learn how to manage your time, succeed in school, network/make connections, along with enjoying our social events. Joining a fraternity means taking advantage of your true potential.


Q: Can I take a tour of the house?


A: Yes, feel free to contact anyone on the executive board or our recruitment chairs and we would be more than happy to schedule a time with you. Our contact information can be found under the "Contact Us" page above. If your son pledges the Fraternity, you will be invited to the Pledge Parent Dinner which is usually held in February.


Q: I have a question that is not listed on this page. Whom can I talk to?


A: You can contact anyone on our executive board. For questions pertaining to the fraternity in general, it is best to contact our president. For questions pertaining to finances, it is best to contact our treasurer. For questions pertaining to rush and recruitment, contact our recruitment chairs. And for questions regarding new member education, contact our new member educator. Submitting a form on our "Contact" page will automatically be delivered to the necessary person. 

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