Purple Legionnaire

An appointed Graduate Brother who oversees the Chapter

Dave Willens '09
Purple Legionnaire

F.A Morse Association, Inc.

     FA Morse is the Alumni and House Corporation of FIJI - Pi Iota at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  The members of the board provide guidance and support to the undergraduate chapter, in addition to owning and operating/maintaining the chapter facility at 99 Salisbury St. in Worcester, MA.

Dave Willens '09
Wes Salomon '05
Jason Hutchins '09
Kevin Martinez '09
Recording Secretary

Board of Chapter Advisors

     Members of the Board of Chapter Advisors assist the Purple Legionnaire in advising the chapter when needed by working with specific officers / Committee Chairmen and/or areas of operation.

Mark Macaulay
John Kirwan
Jim Detora
Bill Johnson
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BCA or F.A Morse?

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